This horse has hoof wall damage as a result of abscessing,
and also a crack running up to the coronary band.
The first step was to trim the foot, clean the abscess area, and
let the hoof "relax" to ease jamming and imbalance.
Ten days later I removed the damaged hoof wall.
Next was the application of hoof repair and a shoe, to
protect and stabilize the foot.  The horse remained sound
during this entire process.  
This spotted draft has a quarter crack on the medial side of his right
front foot.  
This is the result one year later, after trimming at five week intervals to
relieve pressure or "float" the hoof wall at the quarter.
Navicular Disease - Wedge shoes, bar wedge pads,
and pour-in pads help keep this horse comfortable.
Attaching snow pads to the shoes in winter keeps snow
from building up in the foot.  This is a nice healthy foot.
This pony, over 40 years old, was much relieved by draining an abscess.  
She has foundered in the past, but her diet is now managed to prevent it from